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"Beary" salad dressing (for burger sandwiches)

Specification: 1kg*12 bags/900g*10 bags
Edible method: suitable for fruit salad, vegetable salad, potato salad and dipping bread, steamed bread or fried food.


The sauce body is slightly yellow in color, moderately thick, smooth in the mouth, sweet and sour, and has the sourness of fruit; it has good roasting resistance and good shape after baking; suitable for burgers, meat and seafood sandwiches in burger restaurants. And some piping flowers on the surface of the bread.

It is made by selecting high-quality vegetable oil and fresh eggs to bring out the sweetness of the food. The production standard is far higher than the industry standard, the quality is superior, the sauce is delicate and smooth, and the taste is mellow. They have their own characteristics and are widely used. Both cold and hot applications are outstanding and cost-effective. They are your affordable choice.

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