"Beary" has red cherries

Specification: 737g*12 bottles
Edible method: It can be used as an embellishment for European-style cakes, pastries, desserts, bread, ice cream and other foods.


Choose cherry raw materials of uniform size and bright color, which is an ideal choice for decoration and embellishment. The pulp is high in content, tender in texture, fragrant in the mouth, sweet and sour in taste, crisp and refreshing in the mouth, with a slight fruity fragrance.
The fresh fruit materials selected in season are full and uniform in size, and the color is natural and bright, and the advanced preservation technology is adopted to maintain the original deliciousness of the fruit. The pulp is high in content and can be eaten directly. It is fragrant and juicy in the mouth. It is also an ideal choice for decorating cakes and embellishing desserts.




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