"Beary" Italian Pizza Sauce

Specification: 1kg*12 bags
Edible method: Mainly used to make pizza and Italian pasta sauce. It is a commonly used seasoning sauce in Italian-style dishes.


Pizza sauce is made of crushed peeled tomatoes as the main ingredient, supplemented by vanilla spices, plus precise seasoning. The seasoning sauce is rich in tomato flavor, outstanding vanilla flavor and rich taste. It is mainly used for making pizza and pasta sauce. It has good spreadability and can give the ingredients a rich taste.
Selection of Xinjiang tomato raw materials with sufficient sunshine, the sauce is delicate and smooth, and the taste is moderately sweet and sour. Using imported processing technology, it retains the flavor of fresh tomatoes. It has a strong tomato fragrance, attractive color, delicate and smooth, and it is a Chinese and Western food. A stock and affordable choice.



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