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"Beary" white bread crumbs

Specification: 200g*12 bottles/carton
Edible method: Bread crumbs are used on the surface of fried foods, such as fried chicken, fish, seafood (shrimp), chicken legs, chicken wings, onion rings, etc., its flavor is crispy, soft and nutritious. It can also be mixed and used in hamburgers, Chinese shaomai and meatballs.


Bread crumbs, as a food additive, are generally used as an auxiliary material for fried food. Bailey's bread crumbs are made from wheat flour as the raw material, and are made through production processes such as kneading, fermentation, electric baking, crushing, and drying, with a clear fragrance of bread. It has a high entrapment rate, good adhesion, and it is not easy to fall off the bran during frying. After the product is produced, the color is bright, crisp and refreshing, and it is an ideal choice for fried foods.


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