Seafood Pizza with Green Sauce

Ingredients Weight
Italian pizza base 9 inches
Mixed seafood (snaked shrimp, squid, clams) 200g
Parsley leaves 18g
Green sauce 25g
Parsley 8g
Brandy 10g
Garlic slices 7g
Beary Italian Pizza Sauce 150g


Production steps

1. Spread the pizza base on the iron plate
2. Pour the pizza sauce into the middle of the bottom of the cake and spread from the center to the outer edge
3. Saute garlic slices, whole parsley and mixed seafood (snaked shrimp, squid, clams) in a hot pan in a hot pan, stir fry, add a little brandy, cover the pot, etc. The clams can be turned off and set aside.
4. Put it in the air oven and bake for 5 minutes at 250°C. Take out the pizza, add the prawns and squid, and bake for 2 minutes. Place the clams on the surface and pour the green sauce on the surface. Just take a little parsley leaves to decorate.

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