Red Shrimp and Parma Ham Salad

Ingredients Weight
  Mixed vegetables   80 grams
  Italian ham   2 pieces
   Shrimp   3 pcs
  Smoked Chicken Breast   60 grams
  Bailey Red Kidney Beans   30 grams
  green beans   20 ​​grams
  corn kernels   4
  Carrots   10 grams

Beary (0 fat, 0 sucrose) oil and vinegar salad dressing

Right amount


Production steps

1. Prepare the required ingredients and wash all the ingredients for later use.
2. Fry the smoked chicken breast. Season the prawns with salt and black pepper. Cook the green beans, corn kernels and carrots. Drain in ice water for later use.
3. Spread the mixed vegetables on the bottom of the plate, slice chicken breasts, dice carrots, cut all other vegetables into small pieces, and place dried ham slices and all other ingredients on the plate. .
4. Serve with Baileys (0 fat, 0 sucrose) oil and vinegar salad dressing.

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