Poached Egg Asparagus Salad

Ingredients Weight
Okra 15 grams
Asparagus 100 grams
Mixed salad dishes 60 grams
Red cherry tomatoes (1 open 2) 30 grams
Yellow sacred fruit (1 open 2) 30 grams
Cherry Robe 10 pieces
Cucumber 25 grams
Salt 1g
Olive oil 15 grams
Black pepper 1g

Beary Mustard Salad Sauce

40 grams


Ingredients Weight
Poached Egg  
Water 1000 grams
Vinegar 40 grams
Eggs 60 grams
Mustard salad dressing 40 grams


Production steps

1. Wash all the ingredients first and set aside.
2. Add water to the pot and bring to a boil. After the water is boiled, add white vinegar and turn off the heat. Use a whisk to stir the vortex to beat the eggs into the bowl, and gently slide down into the vortex. , Simmer for 1 minute and remove for use.
3. Asparagus and okra are boiled in boiling water and then quickly cooled in cold water, add a little salt, olive oil and black pepper, stir well and set aside
4. Tear small pieces of mixed salad, cut cherry tomatoes in half, slice cherry radish, slice cucumber, put vegetables in ice water and set aside
5. Mix the mixed salad vegetables, cucumber slices, cherry robu slices, red and yellow cherry tomatoes, and place them on a plate.
6. Put the salad dishes on the plate, put asparagus on top, put poached egg on top, diced okra and garnish, and drizzle with Baileys mustard salad sauce.

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