Garlic Seafood Broccoli Risotto

Ingredients Weight
Mixed seafood 120 grams
Dry rice 100 grams
Chopped Purple Onion 60 grams
Brandy 15 grams
Broiled Broccoli Flower Broken 25 grams
Cherry tomatoes 5 grams
Dog tooth dish 3 grams
Water 500 grams
Parmesan cheese shreds 35 grams
Olive oil 15 grams
Bay leaf 5 grams
Black pepper 1g

Beary Garlic Seafood Salad Sauce

60 grams


Production steps

1. Wash all the ingredients first and set aside.
2. Add oil to the pan in the hot pot, add 30g of chopped purple onion to sauté, put dry rice and stir fry on low heat, add brandy and turn on high heat to evaporate the alcohol, then add 300ml of water and bay leaves and cook until the water is thick. Pick out the bay leaves from the pot and set aside (risotto bottom)
3. Put 30g of chopped onion and seafood in a hot pot on high heat and stir fry, then sprinkle some brandy to add flavor, add the cooked risotto, add 200g of water, black pepper, broccoli, and collect the juice until you can see When there is a little juice left, add parmesan cheese, a little olive oil, and seafood flavor salad sauce of Brixley garlic to the pot and stir evenly out of the pot. Put it in a bowl
4. Fry a little mixed seafood, dog teeth, cherry tomatoes for decoration

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