Quinoa Mixed Vegetable Salad

Ingredients Weight
Little potatoes 60 grams
Broccoli 50 grams
Red cherry tomatoes (1 open 2) 30 grams
Yellow sacred fruit (1 open 2) 30 grams
Purple onion shreds 20 grams
Quinoa 40 grams
Mixed salad dishes 80 grams
Cherry radish 8 pieces
Corn kernels 15 grams
Cucumber 20 grams

Beary's mixed vegetable flavor salad sauce

40 grams


Production steps

1. Wash all the ingredients first and set aside.
2. Tear small pieces of mixed salad, shred the onion, cut the cherry tomatoes in half, slice the cherry radish, slice the cucumber, cut the broccoli into pieces and cook, and cook the small potatoes. Put ice water on vegetables for use
3. Cook the quinoa in cold water for later use, add water and a spoonful of sugar to boil the corn kernels, and let cool for later use
4. With the exception of quinoa, put all the ingredients into the empty plate and add the salad juice of Baili's large mixed vegetable flavor, stir evenly and put it in the bowl. Sprinkle with quinoa at the end.

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