Mango Shrimp Mexican Salad

Ingredients Weight
Fresh mango 40 grams
Avocado 120 grams
Purple onion 40 grams
Cherry tomatoes 70 grams
Ground coriander 6 grams
Salt 2 grams
Black pepper 1g
Shrimp 70 grams
Mixed salad dishes 70 grams

Beary Lime Salad Sauce

40 grams


Production steps

1. Wash all the ingredients first and set aside.
2. Add oil to the pan and heat the pan, and fry the shrimps until about 50 seconds before they come out of the pan.
3. Tear small pieces of mixed salad, diced avocado and mango, diced onion and cherry tomatoes, minced coriander, and put ice water on vegetables for later use
4. Put avocado cubes, diced purple onion, diced cherry tomatoes, chopped coriander, salt, black pepper, diced mango, and pour the Baileys lemon salad juice into the empty bowl, stir well and set aside
5. Mix the salad vegetables as the base, add the mixed avocado salad, put shrimp and coriander leaves on the surface for decoration

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