Classic American Beef Fort

Ingredients Parts
Butter Lettuce 20g
Onion rings 30g
Beef patties (one piece) 110g
Thick cut tomato slices 2 pieces
Baileys Pickled Cucumber 3 pieces
Round sesame hamburger embryo 1
Baileys Mustard Sauce 10g
Baileys Pure Mayonnaise 20g
Salt 3g
Black pepper 1g
Cheese slices 1 piece


Production steps

1. Clean all the ingredients and set aside
2. Cut the hamburger embryo in the middle, apply butter and bake in the pan, cut the noodles until slightly coked, and set aside 3. Add salt and black pepper to season the beef patties for shaping, heat the pan over medium heat (the griddle for frying patties needs to be greased with oil, pan You don’t need to) until it smokes, add the meatloaf and fry until golden brown on both sides and turn to low heat. Put cheese slices on the surface and cover the pot, turn to simmer for 1 minute (the cheese melts) and take it out of the pot.
4. Add salt, black pepper and beef patties to onion rings at the same time. Fry until there is a coking layer on both sides, take out the pan and set aside
5. Yellow mustard, pure mayonnaise, salt and black pepper stir evenly into salty yellow mustard mayonnaise
6. Spread 10g of salty yellow mustard mayonnaise on each slice of hamburger embryo
7. Assemble (from bottom to top) burger bottom →lettuce→thick cut tomato slices→saucer slices→onion rings→cheese beef patties→burger top

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