Double Cod Fort

Ingredients Parts
Butter Lettuce 20g
Cod steak 2 pieces
Cheese slices 2 pieces
Baili Thousand Island Sauce 20g
Broiled eggs 1
Chopped white onion 20g
Salt 2g
Black pepper 1g
Round oatmeal burger embryo 1


Production steps

1. Wash the lettuce and set aside
2. Cut the hamburger in the middle, spread butter and bake it, cut the noodles until slightly coked, set aside
3. Baili Thousand Island sauce, minced boiled eggs, white onion, salt, and black pepper are mixed into Thousand Island Tartar sauce. 4. Deep-fried cod fillets at 180°C for 5 minutes, remove and place cheese slices (the cheese can be melted in the remaining temperature) ) Keep warm and spare
5. Assembly (from bottom to top)
Burger base→lettuce→two pieces of cheese cod steak→ Thousand Island Tartar sauce→burger top


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