Cheese shredded bag

Ingredients Parts
Jinxiang B high-gluten flour 1000g
Swallow Yeast 30g
Eggs 100g
Anjia Butter 130g
White sugar 120g
Edible salt 12g
SoficaL200 (RIKEN) 10g
A-1 (RIKEN) 5g
Glycerin 15g
Milk flavor 1g
Fructose syrup 30g
Sorbitol 50g
Milk powder 40g
Sodium dehydroacetate 0.8g
Calcium propionate 1.2g
Water 370g


Production steps

1. Dough part:
1. In addition to the Anjia Butter, put all the raw materials together and stir at a slow speed for 5 minutes, quickly stir for 3 minutes, and then add the Anjia Butter and stir slowly for 3 minutes, and stir quickly for 2 minutes.
2. Ferment the stirred dough for 30 minutes, then flatten it and freeze it in the refrigerator at -18 degrees.
3. With oil, the ratio of dough to oil is 7:1. Fold it in quarters twice and let it rest for 120 minutes.
2. Forming part:
1. Use an opener to thin the loose dough, then spread it with Bailey's cheese-flavored Costa sauce, roll it up, and cut it according to the size of the mold. The dough is 70 grams (length 70mm).
2. Put it into a chiffon-shaped mold and ferment for 120 minutes before baking.


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