Cream Cheese Pork Floss Cake

Ingredients Parts
Part A:  
Eggs 864g
Caster sugar 220g
Trehalose 100g
Salt 8g
Glycerin 36g
Sorbitol 36g
Thousand One Milk Cream Flavor 8g
Fruit glucose syrup 36g
Guangyi Cake Emulsifier 40g
Part B:  
Guangyi High-efficiency Baking Powder 8g
Guangyi RH-14 8.4g
Wide thickener SH1602 72g
Meimei Low Gluten Powder 288g
New Zealand milk powder 20g
Part C:  
Soybean oil 216g
Batter proportion 0.54g


Production steps

1. Weigh the eggs and set aside.
2. After weighing the sugar and salt, put them together.
3. Stir glycerin, sorbitol, milk paste flavor, emulsifier, and water together.
4. Put 2 into 1, stir slowly until the sugar melts, add into 3 and stir evenly,
5. Add the raw materials of part B to 4, and mix them at a slow speed, and then stir them quickly.
6. The specific gravity of the batter is 0.54g.
7. Beat the specific gravity of the batter to 0.54g, add soybean oil at a slow speed and stir evenly. Put the batter on a plate and smooth the surface.
8. Decorative surface: sprinkle pork floss on the surface, squeeze cream cheese flavored salad dressing, shape: zebra line shape. Ready to bake.
9. Heat up to 170°C, down to 170°C, after 20 minutes of test, heat up to 180°C, down to 170°C, and bake for 15 minutes.
10. After cooling, cut the cake 7x7 and pack it.

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