Vegetable Ham and Egg Sandwich

Product features:Full of fresh fragrance, tender and delicious
Production, production: Suitable for on-site production in stores, or central factory processing and cold chain distribution
Packing and selling scene:Square sandwich paper tray packaging plus packaging bag
Storage conditions: 0--5 degrees; dine-in and takeaway available
Specifications: One  Cost: RMB/piece   Suggested selling price: RMB/piece 
Beary Sweet Salad Dressing
Product features: This product is suitable for baking/cold processing; it has excellent baking resistance, and is mainly used for cold processing and hot baking of bread, cakes, sandwiches and other products.
Beary Tomato Sauce
Product features: This product is suitable for cold processing/hot processing; it can be cooked with western meat, vegetable seasoning, or with hot dog bread, french fries and snacks for seasoning or dipping
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