Soy milk box

Ingredients Parts
Part 1:  
Milk 624g
Light cream 117g
Butter 117g
Part 2:  
Egg yolk 224g
Sugar 91g
Part 3:  
Low-gluten flour 104g
Corn flour 13g
Part 4:  
Protein 390g
Sugar 117g
Tartar powder 10g
Soy milk cream filling:  
Beary Costa Soy Milk Flavor 100g
Light cream 30g
Brandy 2g


Production steps

1. Put 1 part of the material. Heat to melt, temperature control 80-85 degrees, keep warm for standby.
2. Dispatch 2 parts of the materials until they become whitish for later use.
3. Sieving 3 parts of the material, slowly adding to 2, stir well and set aside.
4. Slowly add 1 to 3, stir until particle-free powder, heat insulation water (maintain 50 degrees) for use
5. Stir 4 parts of the ingredients, sugar and tartar powder evenly, divide them 2-3 times, slowly add them to the egg whites, and beat them to 70%.
6. Divide 5 minutes twice, slowly add to 4, stir evenly, and it will become a batter.
7. Pour the batter into the baking pan, smooth it, and bake in the oven
8. Baking temperature: 180 upper heat, 150 lower heat, baking time 20-2 minutes
9. After the cake is out of the oven, let it cool for later use. According to the size of the box, cut the rectangular cake, put the cake first, squeeze in 20g purple sweet potato cream, and then put the rectangular cake, the surface of the cream filling decorated, that is  

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