Peach Velvet Swiss Roll

Ingredients Parts
Egg white 340g
Sugar 160g
Tartar powder 6g
Salad oil 120g
Milk 150g
White peach trap 100g
Low powder 150g
Beary Costa Sauce Lactic Acid Bacteria Yogurt Flavor 100g
Starch 50g
Salt 3g
Whole egg 220g
Cream filling  
Lactobacillus Costa Sauce 500g
Light cream 500g
Butter cream 100g


Production steps

1. Beat the egg whites, sugar and tartar together to 80%
2. Stir the salad oil, milk, white peach, and Costa Lactobacillus until there are no particles, add the low powder and starch and mix well, then add the whole egg and mix well.
3. Stir the beaten egg white part and egg yolk part evenly into the baking tray and bake.
4. Whip the whipped cream and creamy cream, then add the Costa Lactobacillus and stir evenly for later use.
5. Divide the cake into three parts and roll it into the whipped cream in advance, then cut the required size and package.



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