Freezing Point German Tower

Ingredients Parts
Anjia Butter 1000g
Caster sugar 500g
Whole egg 400g
Cheese powder 250g
Low-gluten flour 200g
Salt 4g
Tower liquid:  
Beary Costa Sauce Cheese Flavor 400g
Milk 750g
White sugar 150g
Salt 6g
Egg yolk 350g
Light cream 700g


Production steps

1. Beat Anjia butter and white sugar until white, add eggs and mix well. Then add cheese powder, low-gluten powder, salt, and stir evenly. Keep refrigerated for 2 hours, set aside
Tower liquid:
1. Stir the Gabriel cheese and salt and white sugar together, add the egg yolk and stir evenly. Then add milk and whipped cream and stir evenly. After all the ingredients are evenly stirred, sift through a sieve and set aside.
The egg tart skin (40g) is shaped and placed in a mold. Pour in 2/3 of the egg mixture.
Baking temperature: 170 degrees in the air oven, bake for 16 minutes
The size of the tin foil cup is 5cm high, the size of the cup mouth is 7.5cm, and the size of the cup bottom is 4.5cm



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