Vanilla Cream Puffs

Ingredients Parts
Part A:  
Water 300
Milk 300
Soybean oil 150
Anjia Butter 150
Part B:  
Low-gluten flour 300
Part C:  
Whole egg 8
Cream filling:  
Anjia whipped cream 100g
Beary Costa Sauce Lactic Acid Bacteria Yogurt Flavor 100g


Production steps

1. All the raw materials of part A, stir together until it is watery, heat to boil and turn off the heat, and set aside.
2. Sift part B, slowly add part A, stir until there are no particles for use
3. Part C is added in 3 times and mixed with the batter
4. Put it into a piping bag, squeeze it into the baking tray covered with greased paper, and you can bake it
5. Cream and lactic acid bacteria yogurt can be reached at 1:1, sent until grainy, set aside
6. Let the puffs cool and squeeze in the whipped cream filling



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