Vanilla Butter Roll

Ingredients Parts
Part A:  
High-gluten flour 800g
Low-gluten flour 200g
Sugar 120g
Eggs 100g
Salt 15g
Yeast 15g
Sweet old noodles 300g
Milk powder 40g
Improver 5g
Water 450g
Butter 120g
Part B:  
Nanqiao Fermented Danish Butter 500g


Ingredients Parts
Cream filling:  
Light cream 300g
Beary Costa Soy Milk Flavor 500g
Cream cheese 160g
Lemon juice 20g


Production steps

1. In addition to the butter, put all the ingredients into the dough tank and stir, stir the dough until it becomes 80% gluten, add the butter and stir evenly
2. Relax the dough for 30 minutes, vent, flatten and freeze for later use.
3. After the dough is wrapped in 500g of fermented butter, fold it twice in four and press it to a width of 40cm and then 0.25cm. Cut it into a length of 45cm and a width of 3cm, and roll it on a cylinder mold.
4. After rolling the dough, stick it with coarse sugar, relax it for another 30 minutes, and bake it in the air oven.
5. Baking temperature: After entering the oven at 180°C for 5 minutes, set the oven temperature to 150°C and bake for about 15 minutes.
6. Just add 80g of cream filling

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