Cheese Chicken Drumsticks Croissant

Ingredients Parts
High-gluten flour 100g
Sugar 100g
Salt 10g
Milk powder 20g
Yeast 14g
Eggs 100g
Water 450g
Glucose 25g
Improver 4g
Butter 100g
High-gluten flour 100g
Sugar 100g


Ingredients Parts
Chicken thigh 1 fast
Cheese 1 fast
Beary Sweet Salad Dressing 5g
Beads 1g


Production steps

1. Stir the sugar, yeast, eggs, salt, water, and improver evenly, then add high-gluten powder, milk powder, and glucose into the noodle jar and stir until the gluten is expanded. Then add the butter and stir together.
2. Relax at room temperature for 20 minutes, divide it into 1800g dough, pack 500g Danish special butter in the dough, and fold it twice.
3. Press the folded dough to 3.3cm, cut it into an isosceles triangle of 7cm*19cm, roll it up, and let it rise at 30°C for 30 minutes. You can enter the air oven to bake
4. Baking temperature: air oven 175, bake for 15 minutes.
5. After cooling, cut in the middle, add chicken thighs and cheese, squeeze 5g of Bailey's sweet salad dressing on the surface, and sprinkle with green onions for decoration

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