Purple sweet potato bodhi ruan

Ingredients Parts
High-gluten flour 120g
Yeast 4g
Water 160g
High-gluten flour 40g
Boiling water 100g
Glutinous rice flour 10g
Main dough:  
High-gluten flour 1000g
Salt 15g
Caster sugar 40g
Yeast 10g
Water 600g
Soup type 200g
Noodles 200g
Butter 40g
Beary Costa Sauce Purple Sweet Potato Flavor 60g


Ingredients Parts
Surface decoration  
Cheese powder 10g
Beary Sweet Salad Dressing 15g



Production steps

1. Noodle type part: Put all the ingredients in the noodle type into the noodle tank and stir, stir evenly until the dough is smooth, and then set aside.
2. Soup part: After putting the high-gluten flour and glutinous rice flour together, add boiling water and stir evenly, stir until the batter puffs, let it cool and set aside.
3. Main dough part: except the butter, put all the ingredients together in the dough tank and stir evenly, add water and stir until the dough is 70% gluten, add butter, and stir until the gluten is fully expanded.
4. Relax at room temperature for 40 minutes. Divide the 120G dough, pack 60g of Bailey's cream, squeeze Bailey's sweet salad dressing on the surface, and sprinkle with cheese powder to bake.
5. Baking temperature: 210 high heat, 200 low heat, bake for 12 minutes.

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