Strawberries are snowing

Ingredients Weight
Toast powder 1000g
Sugar 200g
Salt 15g
Eggs 100g
Milk powder 30g
Milk 530g
Fresh Yeast 40g
Butter 300g
s-500 improver 10g
Soy milk cream filling:
Light cream 500g
Beary Costa Soy Milk Flavor 500g
Soy milk powder 50g


Production steps

1. Except Anjia Butter, put all the raw materials together and stir until the gluten is expanded (80% gluten), then add Anjia Butter, stir slowly for 2 minutes, and quickly stir for 1 minute.
2. After the mixed dough is relaxed for 30 minutes, divide the dough into 100 grams each, shape it well, put the sticky crumbs on the surface into the mold at 30 degrees, and use it after proofing
3. After baking, cut in the middle, squeeze into 40g surface and put fruit decoration. Sprinkle a thin layer of soy milk powder on the surface.

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